Monday, May 7, 2007

Quilting Gardeners

Have you ever noticed how many quilters are also gardeners, or at least flower lovers? Perhaps we just like pretty things! My roses started blooming on Thursday last week. It is a fine time to work in the yard, before it gets too hot! And the roses have yet to develop black spot or attract aphids or Japanese beetles.

The mountains were starting to really turn green as the leaves have emerged. The ferns are up and the wild azalea has started to bloom.

Of course, in the mountains, the rhododendrun or "laurel" as the natives call it, won't bloom for at least another month. It is breathtaking when the entire creek bank is covered with tall flowering shrubs. We spent the weekend up there again, working on the cabin. OK, so I did the shopping and cooking and watched the men mud the sheetrock and install the garage door openers.

At home I have two bluebird boxes, one of which is now occupied by an infant bluebird and his unhatched sibling in the egg. At least I think there is only one baby- when I checked the box this morning, the mama was sitting on the nest and didn't budge when I opened the door.

Time for me to quit fooling with pictures and finish the quilting on the Three Crosses wallhanging. I should have it finished in the next day or so.

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