Thursday, May 24, 2007

Red Letter Diet Day

It's finally happened- after six months, I have met my weight loss goal of fifteen pounds! Yippee! Not to mention 14.5 inches here and there. I intend to keep going. I also dropped 50 points from my cholesterol level. I've been eating cooked oatmeal with fruit and walnuts every morning, walking my dog every day, and then putting on some kind of exercise video. My favorite is 1 Minute Workout with Minna Lessig. You decide how long you want to work out, and what parts of the body to concentrate on. You never know which one-minute exercises you will be doing. There are also three warm-ups and three cool-downs. This is the first video that I have not gotten sick of after watching a few times, because it's always different. You use light or heavy (in my case, 3 pounds!) weights as instructed in some of the exercises.

It is the beginning of Memorial Day weekend, and we are off to the mountains of North Carolina again to try to finish the cabin, at least enough to pass inspection on Tuesday. That would be a fine present to celebrate our 36th wedding anniversary! The weather is supposed to be perfect every day. I have watered the gardens, filled the bird feeders, checked out new library books, and am ready to go! Back next Tuesday!

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