Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Check out all the Round Robins on Webshots

Today I added photographs of all the Round Robin quilts from the recent CyberBee exchange to my Webshots album. Thanks to Holly Sweet for allowing me to use some of her photographs that recorded each round of the exchange. Since Webshots now enables posting of video photography, I was able to add the moving lights on the Elvis Jukebox quilt. That was so much fun! My husband and I went to a disco party last fall, and they gave us necklaces that light up via watch batteries. I added these to the "jukebox" quilt by inserting them into organza pockets which I attached with velcro to the quilt. I would recommend viewing the album as a Slideshow. Sit back with your cuppa or glass of wine and enjoy the work of these talented and creative quilters!

Lighting up the jukebox

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