Sunday, January 11, 2009

What kind of quilt is that for a baby?

My local quilt bee met Thursday night, during which I realized that I currently did not have any handwork project. Most of the others were hemming bindings, stitching applique, cutting out patterns, even knitting. With a cold weekend in our mountain cabin looming at the end of the week, I decided to see what I had to work on.

Then I had a Duh-Huh moment. I am signed up to take a second online class with Pamela Allen, who introduced me to a new improvisational way to create art quilts last year. But I have only finished two of the projects from the first class (Cut Flowers and The Green Man.) . Her method involves cutting shapes freehand with scissors, attaching them to a background with glue-stick, and then stitching down around the edges with embroidery thread before machine quilting. I still have two pieces in the glue-stick phase.

So, yesterday, while the telly served up all my local sports team going down in defeat, even miserable embarrassing defeat on the part of the Carolina Panthers, I started embroidering my self-portrait from that class.
Funny story... of course, I have been working on the baby quilt for my "expecting" niece's daughter, and also started quilting it yesterday. When I laid this self-portrait down to show DH Charlie, he exclaimed, "You will scare Melinda's baby to death with that thing!"

I got a good chuckle out of that one, but after looking at it again, decided to make a few changes. This lady does look rather Satanic, all glowing red and orange, and that open mouth is slightly too Edward Munchian. So, she will undergo a few changes. I am thinking of calling this piece "Bird Watching Gone Wrong."

Speaking of going wrong, that attempt to quilt the baby quilt did not go very well yesterday. I think my Gammill was paying me back for leaving it in a cold room with no attention for about a month since before Christmas. I had to give it quite a bit of servicing to get a decent tension and keep the thread from breaking. And I got a small tear in the backing fabric for the first time ever, and ran over the white border of the quilt with one of the wheels accidentally. I had the top draped over the table while I was threading the machine, and guess what? Those wheels needed cleaning, too, because I got a nice "tire track" on the white fabric. But, all these things can be fixed.

Maybe tomorrow. Tonight I will probably be the kiss of death for another favorite sports team, the San Diego Chargers, in their playoff game. Their awesome quarterback, Phillip Rivers, is a former N.C. State Wolfpack star, and we love to follow the careers of our former college players.

I hope you are having a good weekend, with successful projects and better luck with your sports teams!


Anonymous said...

With respect, if you truly think you'll be the kiss of death, don't watch the Chargers!! from a fan of your blog & the Chargers in San Diego :-)

Vicki W said...

I won't even call my youngest brother after that game last night. I called him at the beginning to wish him luck but I think I will not call him again for a few weeks. That was BAD! I lived in Charlotte when the Panthers were formed. It was pretty exciting.

The Giants/Eagles isn't going so well either. I think the Chargers have some hope.