Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Snow Day at Home

Poor old Maggy...she must be wondering, what is up with all this snow? It has not snowed enough to stick here in five years!

The cardinals and other birds were lined up at the bird feeder for the good groceries. They look so pretty in the snow.
This is our little creek in the back yard. It is small enough to jump over.

Remember the camellia bush in bloom? Wonder if these will make it.

Here is another iconic Southern shrub or tree- a crepe myrtle. This one sports a bird nest among its dried seed heads.
Our front yard, a former farm field, had no trees when we moved in. Every tree and shrub represents a hole dug and lots of 5-gallon buckets of water hauled to the ones beyond hose reach.
But in the back, we have lots of natural cedar, pine, dogwood, oak, and sweet gum trees leading to the woods. Our woods connect to many acres of forest and natural ponds out back.

Can you spot the red cardinal on the limb?
Anyway, yesterday, we were very inspired by watching the transition of government, and the joy on the faces of the crowd who thronged to Washington to see President Obama's inauguration. They just showed a montage of photographs as Good Morning America went off the air, to the soaring music of Aretha Franklin singing America. I don't know about that hat, but Aretha sure can belt out a tune.

A joyous day that America can be proud of!

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Judy S. said...

You certainly found some great antiques, Jeanne. I loved the basket! Great photos....cardinals are so beautiful. You're lucky to have them.