Monday, January 5, 2009

Another Peek into my Sketchbook

The first Monday of the new year. You know what that means...a new dedication to diet and exercise. For more than two years I have been tracking my weight and measurements on the computer. Today I am starting out the same as last year. But still more than twenty pounds less than my all-time high, so that is a Good Thing!

Yesterday I began work on the nursery bedding for my niece. I decided to start with the dust ruffle, since that takes the most yardage. I started going through my stash, and found all kinds of fabric that would work without having to purchase anything. I decided to piece three fabrics to make the 14-inch drop for the ruffle. So that is done, but I have not gathered the fabric or sewn to the base.

No pics of this project for awhile in order have a bit of surprise element.

I have not posted any pictures from my sketchbook/journal in a long time, so here are some cheery pics on a very gray day here in North Carolina.
This one has some fantasy flowers done with gel pens, and strange insects and critters in black.

I decided to embellish the divider page that has Lumiere paint on watercolor paper. Just tried doodling feathers with a purple gel pen.

Here is another Floribunda feather I did when practicing for my feathered pillow shams.

This doodle was drawn and shaded with purple Twistable colored pencil. It reminds me of some kind of ocean plant. The addition of a circle to the broad part of each feather adds a dimensional quality, as if these are little tubes.

If you read my last post about the new kitchen lamp, you will hopefully recognize this drawing. I realized rather quickly that I did not draw this correctly. The bottom part seems to be dangling with no connection to the rest of the lamp. Well, practice makes perfect. I like the scrolls + leaves on the arms, and may try that design as a quilting pattern someday.

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Cathie said...

Could you do something about this horrible weather please????? Cold I don't mind, but cold and rainy - yuck. Your feathers are sublime and your flower picture - well, I do believe I see an art quilt in that somewhere.