Monday, January 9, 2017

Ties That Bind

My art quilt group took a field trip last week to the Contemporary Art Museum in Raleigh, NC, to see the Ties That Bind exhibit.

From the CAM website:  Precious Lovell: The Ties That Bind is a collection of 15 apron studies that continue Precious Lovell’s exploration of the narrative potential of cloth and clothing with a focus that is both personal and universal. The exhibition explores the lives of women through the cloth and clothing they have historically made, worn and continue to make. The medium is the combination of techniques used by improvisational and traditional patchwork techniques of African American quilters with those of Korean women’s Jogakbo (Patchwork), Nubi (Quilting) and Bojagi (Wrapping Cloths).

The aprons are displayed on dress forms.  Each apron is represents a female ancestor of the artist's.  A symbol on the waistband represents the relationship to the artist.

Today is the last day of this exhibit.  We all liked seeing the different techniques used to make the aprons.  None of us had visited this venue before.  It was kind of hard to find a parking place on the day we attended because of many large cement-mixer trucks in the same block.  I managed to parallel-park, and we paid a dollar for the meter.  The museum admission was five dollars, but free for seniors over 65 (I qualify!)

After we viewed the exhibit, we went to lunch at Jose and Sons Mexican Restaurant in the next block (free parking in the adjacent parking lot.)  We all liked the delicious fresh food that they served.  It was a good outing!

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