Monday, September 14, 2015

The Ringling Art Museum

Today after Charlie's treatment, we went back to the Ringling Museum in Sarasota to visit the art museum, which we skipped on our last visit.  Admission to it is free on Mondays.

As with everything on the Ringling campus, the landscaping, gardens, ponds, and statues are very inviting.  Here is Charlie on the bridge over the koi pond.

There is a shady garden called the Dwarf Garden.  I thought it would be featuring dwarf plants.  Nope...statues of dwarfs!

The Ringling Art Museum has a massive collection of mostly Italian art.  There are many galleries with enormous mural-size paintings with gold frames.  Most of the collection is not my favorite type of art, but there were a few pieces that I liked.  One was the Blue Madonna by Carlo Dolci from the 17th century.  The face is innocent and lovely, but what caught my eye was the intense royal blue of her veil.

My favorite painting was Maison Paysanne Yport (Peasant's Cottage at Yport,) Marcel Duchamp, 1907.  This one is quite a change from all the Biblical scenes.  It looks almost Impressionistic to me and glows with subtle color.

Check out this ornate harpsichord.  There is a remarkable landscape painting on the inside cover.

This glass sideboard with glass dishes was something very unique to see.

This guy caught my eye in the courtyard outside of the museum.  He is enormous, and is high up on a wall.  I believe it is the Statue of David.

Tomorrow will be the halfway point of Charlie's radiation therapy.  It is good to have interesting paces to visit while we are here in Sarasota every day.  It helps the time go by.

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