Thursday, September 3, 2015

A Beautiful Day

I guess you cannot expect the US Government to launch an Atlas Rocket every morning to entertain us on our morning commute, but the sunrise was once again beautiful to behold.  It usually starts to get colorful just as we cross the Peace River...fitting!  And Venus was shining above.

We got some good news at Dattoli Cancer Center today...starting next week our start time is 8:00 AM rather than 7:40.  We'll take an extra twenty minutes of sleep!

Charlie was finished before 8:30 this morning because we got there early, and we headed right to Lido Key Beach in Sarasota.  What a difference since Tuesday.  The red danger flags were flying then, as there were bad currents and rip tides.  Today the Gulf was like glass.

The lifeguards were doing practice drills today.  Right in front of us.  If they had asked for volunteers to be saved, I would have raised my hand!

I have been watching for dolphins ever since we arrived in mid-August.  Today we were rewarded with many dolphins feeding off-shore.  I could have watched them all day.

On weekdays when we go to the beach in Sarasota, we pack sandwiches in the cooler and eat on the beach.  Some of the gulls are very aggressive trying to eat people food.  I have had my sandwich stolen out of my hand twice.  Today this guy landed right in my lap.  Of course you are not supposed to feed them.

Tonight is the beginning of college football season.  Are you ready for some football?

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