Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Iguana Make Art!

Here is a fun journal page that I just finished.  I am still working on the Fabulous and Free Art Challenge on Facebook.  Challenge 24 was the prompt "Sublime Stencils."

I had already made a cool background by putting either gesso or gel medium through a stencil for a dimensional effect.  Then I painted a watercolor wash over that in rainbow shades.

I loved the look, but was stumped on what to do with it until I got my inspiration here in Florida.  As I mentioned in a previous post, there are lizards everywhere here...including iguanas.  

I painted a piece of paper in dark colors with watercolor, drew an iguana shape on the back, and cut out the shape.  Then I just glued it over the background to create a negative shape.  I did not try to use specific parts of the stencil design, but am pleased with how the stencil designs help form the iguana.

Today after Charlie's radiation, I surprised him with breakfast at a French Cafe and Bakery in Sarasota called C'est La Vie.  His appetite is off, and he does not eat much except in the morning.  We enjoyed crepes and potatoes and baguette.  It is a nice place with a warm atmosphere, nice art, and great waitresses.

And here is today's sunrise.  The day started out just beautiful, but rained this afternoon.  That's okay...we're still getting over the visit with our kids and granddaughter last weekend! A good afternoon to stay inside and veg.

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