Friday, August 23, 2013

Sold, Closed, Moved!

It has been an exhausting week, but a very good one.  We got the keys to our rental home one week ago.  The only thing I did not like about it was that the driveway was in very poor condition, full of potholes.  I found out that it will be repaved soon.  While we were at the house, we looked out the window and saw some of our new neighbors!  There were two little speckled fawns with their mama lurking behind them in the woods.

That weekend, both of our sons and their wives and children spent the weekend with us in Wake Forest one more time.  They took load after load of boxes and stuff from our old house to the new one.  The three older grands had a ball playing in the woods and along the edge of the pond.  And, they were the first ones to try out the hot tub!

We had a moving truck come on Wednesday to get the furniture.  Everything did not fit in the truck, so Charlie and I made two more trips on Thursday to get the last of it and clean out the old house.  We put the dog in the kennel during the move.  I just don't think she would understand that we were letting these men take all our belongings!  She is acting anxious and clingy, but I think she will enjoy it here once she gets used to it.

Since then we have been unpacking and trying to find things.  Today I finished the kitchen and pantry, but still have not found our silverware (the stainless variety) or our knife set.  We got the TV and Internet set up today, so we are starting to enjoy the comforts of home.  Not to mention soaking in the hot tub at the end of the day.  

At our closing, the new owners said that they would take good care of our home.  Well, it is their home now.

And we are getting familiar with this one, and I think we will enjoy the woodsy yard and pond and privacy.  This was the view out of the sliding glass doors in our bedroom this morning.  We feel very lucky.

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