Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Nice Little Goodbye Gift

I mentioned a few posts ago that one of our art quilt bee members was leaving the USA to return home to Melbourne, Australia.  I missed that last meeting that Marion attended, but she sent me a lovely card the next week.  In fact, it was the very first mail that we received at our new home!

Marion has been trying out different ways of weaving fibers together on different types of supports.  This piece is woven with fabrics and fibers and a little bit of metal.  Very cool!

She also made me an ATC (Artist Trading Card) and even used some of the fabric that I painted for her during our Fabric Embellishment Challenge.

Sure will miss that talented lady!

As far as my other bee, the Whacky Ladies, I am not sure how active I can be in that group.  They meet at night, and now I am forty-five minutes away from Wake Forest.  I would hate to drop out after being a Whacky for about seventeen years.  

So, we are still unpacking and trying to find things.  No luck yet on the silverware or knife set. but our bedroom and closet is about done.  We have not hung any pictures yet.  We have too much furniture for this house, and need to donate or sell some of it.  We should have done this before hiring people to move it!

As for the sewing room/studio, don't hold your breath!  The stuff is all piled up in there and I have to get the bathrooms and spare bedroom organized first.  One good thing...The Container Store is only about four minutes away.  I love that place!  I will probably head over there tomorrow.

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Karen L. said...

I've just been catching up on all your moving posts but I must say I did not enjoy them because I just went through all of that in Jan. and then finishing up in June so it still all a little too fresh in my mind. We moved about half of our stuff in Jan. when we moved into our new house then moved the rest of the stuff in June just before we went to settlement on the old house. Ugh! Like you, we should have gotten rid of more stuff before the final move. Smaller house, less room, not much of a sewing room, and a very dated kitchen that has a bad layout. However, we are in a location and neighborhood that we like so I guess that is good. Plus one story so we can stay as we age. Hope you find your silverware soon! Oh and that grandbaby of yours must be the cutest and happiest baby I have ever seen ..... except of course for my own daughter when she was that young!!! Good luck with all the boxes. PS: I enjoyed the quilt book you sent me and I have passed it on to a friend who is recuperating at home. Thanks again for doing that.