Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Lots Going On

We have had the joy of babysitting for our 7-month old granddaughter since Friday night.  Her daddy picked up his baby and his dog this morning.  It's going to be kind of quiet around here.  One less dog and no baby.  :(

It was delightful having this sweet-natured grandbaby with us.  She is very flexible...I can see a future ballerina or gymnast!

She even does splits in her sleep!

She also still shows a lot of interest in quilts!  Here is one that I made thirteen years ago.  She likes the side with the cherries better than the back!

Actually, it has not been quieter around here today at all.  We had seventeen replacement windows installed today.  Lots of banging, things flying out the windows, men going in and out and upstairs and downstairs and making the dog a nervous wreck.  Yesterday it was the surveyors in the yard.  What next?

Don't you hate it when you put up with something you don't like about your house, and as soon as you get it perfect you have to move out?  I have always dislikes our wooden windows, which are hard to open, especially after they have been painted.  The wooden windowsills that were not protected by the front or back porches developed wood rot.  The new inhabitants will be very lucky to have these new windows that we ordered before we even sold the house.

Tomorrow a carpenter is coming to fix a few things on the inspection list.  Then, we start moving things into our new house on Friday!  We will have a week to make the move, although the movers are coming with the van on Wednesday next week.  Busy, busy!


Kathy4aday said...

I'm a retired teacher who quilts, blogs, loves Stephanie Plum and has an 8 month old granddaughter!

Fun to find someone like me!

Julie Hirt - 627handworks said...

She is a DOLL!