Friday, May 24, 2013

The Giving Quilt Give-Away Winner

The winner of the Jennifer Chiaverini novel, The Giving Quilt, is Linda.  I will be sending her book and quilt pins in the near future.  Thanks for playing!  Another copy will be going to Karen as soon as I finish reading and reviewing it for the publishing company.

Our weather has continued to be stormy for the past few days.  We got a lot of yard work done on Saturday before it started raining.  On Sunday we went to my brother's house to visit my cousin David and his wife, who were visiting from California.  We went to a French bistro in Chapel Hill, NC. 

It is so nice to catch up with family, especially those that we don't get to see very often!

On Monday, I found out that some buyers that looked at our house on Friday wanted to come back again to see that afternoon.  My plans for the day changed drastically as I polished and shined and vacuumed and weeded the gardens.  We have heard from their agent that they liked!  Keeping my fingers crossed!

Tuesday and Wednesday were my days with baby Charlie.  I treasure those special times with her!  Every day we go for a stroll around the neighborhood, and I stop to take pictures of her by some of the pretty gardens in the area.  Sometimes she begins her morning nap while we are walking!

Today is National Happy Turtle Day!  On Wednesday a tiny baby box turtle was crossing the street during one of our walks.  I stopped and gave him a hand across the street.  He was only about as big as a quarter!

We drove up to the mountains for the Memorial Day weekend.  The rain has continued to come and go.  When we left it was raining buckets.  We stopped in Yadkinville for a seafood dinner, and scurried out of there as another huge storm approached.

But this morning it is a beautiful sunny day.  All of our family will be here later today except for Emily, who will be attending a bridesmaid function in Chicago.  Even Baby Charlie will have her first mountain experience!  There will be a wedding on Saturday at our neighbors' house, which should be lots of fun.  Let's hope it won't rain on Amanda's beautiful outdoor mountain wedding!

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Karen L. said...

Thanks so much for the offer of the book. I hadn't read the cut off date for this giveaway until after I left a comment. I hope you have (or had depending on when you read this) a great weekend in the mountains. Of course it will be great with the baby there!!!