Sunday, May 12, 2013

Another Baby Gets His Quilt

Here is my sister's new grandson, Lucas, enjoying his quilt from Great-Aunt Jeanne.  I think he really likes all the bright colors!
We are up at our place in the North Carolina mountains for Mothers' Day weekend.  The weather has been a little iffy...but not a total wash-out.  In fact, we have had lots of good rides across the tree farms on the mountains.

I wish I could capture the intoxicating scent of the Christmas trees after a rain.  It smelled so good!

When we were last up here just two weeks ago, the trees had no leaves, and there were no wildflowers yet.  Now we have leaves and flowers galore.  I took a little nature trip along our creek, searching for flowers. 

There were a few trillium plants. 

These are ferns in the "fiddle head" stage, before they unfurl.

The lady slipper orchids have come up, but they are not blooming yet.
These common yellow wildflowers grow in abundance everywhere there is sunshine, including here next to the dam.
These little guys are called bluets.  They look kind of white in this picture, but are actually a light blue or lavender color.
I bought some Knock-Out roses for my sister's birthday, and got a few for my little flower bed up here.  Poor Kasey had to ride in the back with six ouchy plants competing for space.
On the way home we will stop at our son Dave's house and enjoy a visit.  It will be Emily's very first Mother's Day.  Happy Mothers Day to all of you!

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katy said...

Baby Lucas loves his quilt! And Big Sister Ragen enjoyed snuggling under it too!

Thank you Jeanne for this wonderful legacy. You are a wonderful and generous artist!

Love you,