Thursday, March 21, 2013

Whacky Ladies Quilt Bee

I am really behind in my quilt-related posts!  The Whacky Ladies met in Franklinton on March 7.  Here is some of the Show-and-Tell that we enjoyed.

This large sampler quilt is by Lori Mann.  It's not quilted yet, actually, but isn't it pretty?
Lori also made a tote bag from a Cathedral Window quilt remnant that someone gave her.
Mary had several beautiful items of show-and-tell.  First up was this star quilt made from a pattern.
Mary likes to make quilts from large pieces of beautiful fabric to which she adds a border.
She also pieced this floral quilt.
Finally, she brought us a pieced top to see if we liked her sashing fabric.
We did!
Sharon had several projects to show.  One was a St. Patrick's Day wall quilt that was not quite finished in time for our March quilt bee.
We all had purse envy for the great-looking bag that Sharon made.
The afternoon before the meeting, I took Kasey for a walk along a new section of greenway in Wake Forest that connects with the Neuse River Trail.  There is a huge pedestrian bridge over the water.
Standing on the bride affords some great views of the river.
I love seeing the reflections in the water.

I thought that we might run across some deer in this woodsy natural area.  Nada...but I found out why on the way home.
All the deer had gone for brunch at this grassy field right next to the Credit Union on Rogers Road!

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