Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Rivers and Water Art Quilt Exhibits

Back to the PAQA-South Quilt Exhibits in Cary, NC.  Here are a few more of the Water art quilts.

Wind-Driven Rain, by Laura McGrath
Waterlicious, by Jeanelle McCall
Shall We Gather at the River?, by Linda Laird
Living the Good Life #1, by Lois Sprague
Spigot, by Nanette Zeller

A Drop of Rain, by Ruby Horansky

Rushing Stream/Waterfall, by Connie Carrington

Dolphins Rising, by Roxane Lessa
Sea Dragon Song, by Gwen Brink
Sea Oat, by Jenny Williams

Fracked, by Andi Perejda

Swirling Leaves, by Joan Rutledge

And the unmistakable work of well-known quilt artist Susan Shie,

Water Signs- King of Pyrex Cups in the Kitchen Tarot, by Susan Shie

Susan uses an air-brush and air pen to paint her quilts and journal all over them with significant thoughts that relate to the quilt's theme.

Detail: Water Signs- King of Pyrex Cups in the Kitchen Tarot, by Susan Shie

Some of the quilts from the Water exhibit were actually housed in the Cary Arts Council building, where the Rivers quilts were hung.  The most obvious were these three large figures swimming on a large wall.  They are incredibly large and very eye-catching.

                                    Swimming Upstream: #'s 1,2,and 3, by Bonnie Jo Hunter
I was very interested in visiting the Cary Arts Council building, because I had not been there since it was a junior high school, and I was applying for a teaching job back in the early seventies!  My sister and some of my brothers actually went to school there.  There have been extensive renovations to make the building modern and functional.
On display outside the building are these large steel sculptures.  They look very appropriate for the Rivers art quilt exhibit!

The next picture is of the lobby at the Cary Arts Council.
Approaching the hall where the exhibit is located, there are some objets d'art displayed in glass cases.  Well-known art quilter, teacher, author and Cary resident Lyric Kinard has these stopwatch-themed canvases
and this colorful array on a higher glass display window.
One of the first quilts you see on the wall as you enter the exhibit is this inviting scene.

Not a Care in the World, by Eileen Kane

Next time I will show some quilts from the Rivers exhibit.

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Bonnie J. Smith said...

Thanks so much for posting pictures of my "Swimming Upstream" series numbers 1,2,&3. The series is now a total of nine and moving on. What I have seen of the exhibit it is just wonderful!I do hope they create a catalog.

Bonnie J. Smith