Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Junk Mail Journal- Finished!

I have been showing some of the pages in progress for this painted junk mail journal.  Last weekend, we stayed home...and I finished it, along with several other projects!

I made a cloth cover, sewed on a piece of needle-felted fibers in rainbow colors,  a bit of beading, and lots of ribbons.

When you open it up, all the colorful pages and ribbons and fibers come into view.

Although the outside fabric looks a little gaudy, the inside covers are a dark hand-dyed fabric.  I added a pocket on the front inside cover for bookmarks and a big post-it notepad.  The pocket is made from one of my sun-printed fabrics.

I added lots of bookmarks, clip-on tabs, and binder clips.

I had a few watercolor painting scraps and bits that I added in to some of the pages.  (Now why is Blogger turning the image upside down?)

This was a fun project, easy to work on in small doses if you don't have a lot of time.  Just paint a few pages at a time.  Most of the pages in this journal actually came from an American Quilter magazine.

Going out today to babysit for my little Charlotte.  Can't wait!

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