Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Merlefest Fun

We got back yesterday from a fun-filled mountain weekend.  We went to Merlefest all four days and listened to lots of great music.  We got to see and hear blind guitarist and singer Doc Watson perform twice, and at age 89 he still sounds great.  In this picture he is performing with Sam Bush.

One of our favorite groups, The Kruger Brothers, performed on both the large stage and the auditorium.  They are fine musicians and singers.

The  crowds were large and diverse.  By Saturday and Sunday, there were long lines for food and bathrooms.  Everyone still had a good time.

On Sunday, we took my sister, my father, and my sister's two little granddaughters to Merlefest.  The little girls were crowd favorites as they danced to the lively music.

We had a good time on Sunday evening and stayed over until Monday.  We got to go up on the mountain for a sunset ride.

The flame azalea is just starting to bloom in the clearings on the mountain top.

Our little great-niece, Holly, is starting to laugh and coo, and was so fun to play with.

Back to normal life today.  Got some quilting to do!

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Unknown said...

All my time living here I've never been to Merlefest. I think my brother has ruined it for me. He works it every year on the Fire Dept he's on and he's always complained, so I just never have wanted to go. I heard the crowd was down this year?