Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Artful Fibers

Recently I posted about one of my painted silk journals that was featured in a C&T Publishing Company ad on the inside cover of Cloth, Paper, Scissors Magazine.  I made that journal with some of the fibers in the new Artful Fibers package, now available from C&T.

I forgot that I would be receiving a package of the Artful Fibers from C&T as a thank-you for making the sample journal.  It arrived the other day.  Lots of white and off-white yummy fibers, ready to be dyed, painted, and used for something creative!

Silk rods, cocoons, roving, and fabric;  Includes Lutradur®, mul•tex™, fast2fuse®, Timtex®, Shape-Flex®,  bamboo batting; Spunbond fiber;  even a blank canvas book!

There is a pamphlet included in the package with project ideas.  I was happy to see another of my silk journals on one of the pages!

Sideways again...what is up with Blogger?

Everything was bundled in a canvas messenger bag that looks ready for embellishing.

Looking forward to more fun with fiber!


Cathie said...

How did I miss that! How exciting your little journal was on the inside cover. Not a surprise.

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