Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Week of Family Time

Last Thursday, we went to Sunset Beach, North Carolina, for a family birthday weekend.  What a great time, with good weather and lots of good food!  Charlie and I were the first to arrive, and this is how the beach appeared.  Just the way I like it!

The water was cold, but that did not keep the grandkids out.

Although they were tired puppies after braving the chill.

The beach lived up to its name each night.

On Saturday, it started out rainy, but it let up enough for us to go back out on the beach.  There were some storm clouds inland, but they stayed offshore.

On Sunday, Charlie and I loaded up the three kids and brought them home with us, since it was their spring break.  On Monday, I took the kids to the North Carolina Museum of Natural Science.  They loved all the exhibits.  I had not been since they renovated the museum, and really liked the improvements.

I tried to take them to Pullen Park in Raleigh, which just re-opened after extensive renovations.  We could not find a parking place, so we went to Shelley Lake in north Raleigh and enjoyed a picnic at the park.

We vowed to get up early the next day and try Pullen Park again.  We got there eight minutes after it opened, and there were only a few parking places left.  We took advantage of the great weather and stayed all day.  The newly painted carousel looks amazing.  It is shiny and all the paint has been freshened up.

The horses and other animals look beautiful.

We even went on the paddle boats, and the two oldest kids did the paddling around the lake.  Lily had to practically lie down to reach the pedals.  Avery was the chief crew member.  Caden's job was to sit still and not fall out.

What a great day at this beautiful jewel of a park in Raleigh.  Even with long lines for almost everything, these three had a wonderful day.

Today I met the parents halfway, and transferred the kids to them.  My house is quiet and I am tired, but I loved this special family time.

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