Saturday, April 14, 2012

Quilts from the Whacky Ladies

My quilt bee meeting of The Whacky Ladies was fun and inspirational on Thursday night.  I was so proud that most of our show-and-tell quilts are destined to become charity quilts, mostly for the programs of Capital Quilters Guild of Raleigh.

However, the star of the show was this lovely log cabin top pieced by Irene Hardister and several other women for a raffle at St. Catherine's church.  I think they are going to hand-quilt it.  It is just perfection!

Lori has purchased a long-arm, and quilted many tops that she has been storing up for practice.  She and Carolyn worked on the nine-patch quilts at our charity sew-in day in January.

 She also made some of those stack-and-slash nine-patch quilts for charity.

This was my favorite of Lori's quilts.

Mary delighted Irene by making a tote bag for her.  Irene had chosen a tote bag from Mary as her gift in our "Dirty Santa" Christmas exchange.  Some mean person had stolen it away from her when it was her turn.  Not mentioning any names, but it made a great beach bag a couple of weekends ago!  Irene loved her new bag.  And I could not take it away from her this time!

Not sure why my pics are turning sideways today.  So sorry!

Mary also finished the charity quilt that I quilted for her, and it looks great with that striped binding.

Mary made this gorgeous quilt from a large piece of botanical fabric.  Wow!

Carolyn has found that a good way to keep her motivated is to participate in block-of-the-month projects from LQS Wish Upon a Quilt in Raleigh.  The red and white big blocks are looking very impressive.

She is also doing a batik block-of-the-month from them in a smaller block.

Marilyn was knitting a prayer shawl.  These are given to church members at Good Hope Lutheran church when there is a need.

I had a show-and-tell, but can't show it until after today.  We are going to a party to celebrate my daughter-in-law's thirtieth birthday this afternoon.  Should be a fun time!  It is also my oldest son's birthday, #35.    Happy Birthday Bryson, and Happy Birthday Emily! 

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