Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Fun Birthday Party

What great weather for a birthday party on a lake!  When we got there, the birthday girl and two of her friends were paddling on the lake.

Yes, that's our Emily in the flamingo hat!

The hats made a fun event even more fun.  Some of them were handmade, and rather incredible.

Young and old participated in the fun.

It was a big group of family and friends.  The big person with the long legs in front is our son Dave.

We were able to surprise Emily with a cameo appearance by The King.

That is actually my brother-in-law Richard.  He and his wife were in town for a wedding reception, and he agreed to do his Elvis impersonation once again.

I gave Emily one of my watercolor paintings that I had matted and framed.

Dave says this looks just like a scene from the town of Eze, France, that they visited last fall.

After the party, the young descended upon downtown Raleigh, and we older McBrayers went to dinner at the Angus Barn.  What a great day!

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