Friday, June 4, 2010

Wonderful Family Visit

I just had a short but delightful visit from my Uncle Bob Turner and two of his grandchildren, Lauren and Anthony.  It has been thirty years since I had last seen my uncle, who is slightly older than my father.  They certainly look and sound alike!  I had to pull out a comparison picture of me with my uncle and then with my father.

Bob is still driving, also, and appears to be in great shape.  They are travelling across North Carolina visiting various Turners from here to the mountains.  They had dinner and spent the night with us.  Next stop is in Cary to see his younger sister, my Aunt Billie,  and my brother Pat.
It was great fun catching up, and finding out more about my long-lost cousins in Connecticut.  (Bob had nine children, and 88 in his extended family of descendants now!)  Maybe we can lure them back before another thirty years are up!

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SewCalGal said...

Sounds like a fun family time. My grandmother was a Turner, but from Alabama.