Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Journal Pages with portraits

Here are the last two journal pages I created during Jodi Ohl's Artistic Journaling Your Way online workshop.  We were to listen to a song we liked, jot down the lyrics in pencil, cover that with paint, stamps, etc., and then paint a face.  I think my next workshop might have to be on "How to Paint a Face."

I like this one best.  I had already painted the background in a sort of rainbow of colors with acrylics.  I penciled in the lyrics to Somewhere Over the Rainbow while Judy Garland performed the song on my iPod.

I stamped on some more paint and ink and added some collaged cutouts, including this picture of the book "Succulent Wild Woman."  There has to be something she is longing for, right?  This prim and proper miss with the old-fashioned high collar dress might be longing to let herself go a bit. Although you may think that her purplish skin and blue-streaked hair are a little on the wild side already.

The second one is in my watercolor journal, and was constructed in a similar fashion.  This time the song was Make Someone Happy (and you will be happy, too) from one of my favorite chick flicks, Sleepless in Seattle and sung by Jimmy Durante.

She looks like she could use a little cheering up, all right! I had to keep painting over her skin because you could still see the purple ink stamps, and I was not going for a tattoo look here.  I ended up painting her with gesso, acrylics, oil pastels, water-soluble crayons, watercolor pencils, Tsukineko inks, and a little Sharpie.  I had a white paint pen for the eyes and text.

Getting ready to tackle a raffle quilt on the longarm, a beautiful Thimbleberries.


Carole said...

Jeanne, these are incredible! And what fun as well. I just followed the links on your blog post and I had never heard of that shop.
You must feel like you have a whole new world in front of you.

Karen S said...

I love these! They just get better and better!