Wednesday, April 22, 2009

WIP Wednesday: Still Life

Still tweaking my Still Life Project #2 from the online Pamela Allen class I took in February. I am determined to make this into something I like! Hasn't happened yet. But, I still have some embellishment ideas that I think will make this quilt whimsical and humorous. But, must get the "bones" right first.

Since last seen, I have added more fabrics and batting to the top and bottom. I was going for the effect of a window in the upper right. But I don't like the green fabric going right down the middle of the piece. And the four top fabrics are too alike in size and shape. Back to the cutting board!
I have been adding more to the spider plant to fill it out, and gave it a couple more babies. Some of this is still just pinned or glued together. I have used some silk and a shiny gauzy fabric from a wine gift bag to add interest to the green leaves. Maybe some cherries on the table for a much-needed color accent.
Since I was having trouble with the spider plant looking somewhat like an octopus, I took this photo of two of my spider plants in the McCoy pottery flower pots. I see that the leaves (blades?) should be more random and cross over more.

I thought I would share a link that someone posted on the Quilt Art mail list. A photographer set up his camera on a street corner in New York for two weeks, photographed passers-by, and then photo-shopped the scenes. One might have everyone yawning, another all children, all walking!

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