Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fun (?) With Paper

After my first attempt at Journal-Making, I realized that I had an insufficient supply of specialty paper. Fabric by the ton, but not much paper. Of course, I had ordered some from Cheap Joe's made of silk, but can't find it. Too much moving stuff around lately.

So, off I went yesterday with my coupons from the Sunday newspaper to the local crafts shops. Browsing the scrapbooking section was an eye-opener. Wow! Lots of papers and embellishments in a beautiful array of colors. And so many ready-made decorations. You could spend a fortune on just a few pages. I used to make scrapbooks by cutting up wrapping paper and old greeting cards. Much more economical. I purchased a large and a small pack of card stock in various colors, and then some of the large album-sized scrapbook paper. Aren't they pretty!I really like this one with the smudgy stripes.

And before I left Michael's, look what I decided to get with my 50% off coupon: a paper-making kit. With some dried flowers included.

Now, I have been intending to try paper-making for some time now. In fact, when the grand-babies were here last week, they showed how to make it on Sesame Street. Looked messy but fun!

So on my morning walk, I came back armed with a grocery bag full of leaves, petals, and berries. Wouldn't these look grand with my new specialty paper?

But, they were not dried yet, so I started laying some out on paper towels, and drying them in the microwave with a plate over them to keep the leaves from curling. Here are some marigold and pansy petals before "nuking".

And after. Whoa! Shrinkage!

I used to dry and press flowers and herbs all the time. I had them dried and hanging in bunches all over the house. Once a friend asked DH why I had all these dried weeds hanging in my kitchen. I overheard him reply, "She's a witch!"

Anyway, after making a grand mess, sloshing stuff through my blender and sopping the frame and screen with pulp, I had this wet mess to show.

Then I dried it with the iron between sheets of muslin. This took some time. And look at the results.

After a morning's work, only four and a half sheets of this gray, cardboard-feeling stuff that looks like I used it wipe up the leftover sweepings from the kitchen floor!

Enough fun for one day!


Feeling Simply Quilty said...

LOL great story.

I think I'm so invested in fabric/quilting, it's hard for me to start a new hobby. Paper making and stained glass are a couple that are interesting to me.

Vicki W said...

I used to make paper a lot and still have the equipment. I want to get into it again and make some journals. I remember that one of my favorite things to add was thread bits. If I had a spool of crappy thread I'd cut through it on the spool(vertically through all of the thread layers. Then I could unwrap the whole wad of thread and lay it on my cutting mat where I would cut through it several more times to get thread bits between 1/4 and 1/2 inch. I had some really bad behaving metallic threads and they worked great in the paper.

zizzybob said...

I had the same bright idea awhile back and ended up with the same gray/cardboard paper. I think I stick with fabric.