Friday, April 27, 2007

Fayetteville Quilt Show

I had a nice afternoon in Fayetteville yesterday at the Dogwood Splendor quilt show. The quilts were all hung and judged, and all we had to do was look at the ones displaying signs that they had been quilted on a longarm. There was a nice variety of quilts of all sizes, and some lovely work. I wish I had been assigned a quilt show prior to the Machine Quilters Expo, because those quilts had a completely different standard of machine quilting. But we eventually selected a favorite, which is now wearing the huge Carolina Machine Quilters ribbon, sometimes mistaken for a sunbonnet. Congratulations to Iris Noitalay for winning the longarm award! Ironically, both of my favorite quilts in the show were hand-quilted. One was a lovely mosaic tile design, which won Best of Show, and the other used hand-dyed or batik fabrics in floral applique on black background, with gold embroidery. Stunning!

Now, off to the mountains to work on our little cabin some more.

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