Saturday, September 2, 2017

An Artsy/Quilty Library

We have been busy becoming official residents of Laurel Springs.  I got my new driver's license, and promptly took it to the public library in West Jefferson to get my library card!  The library is in a beautiful building on a hill overlooking the town.

I am always pleased when I see original art incorporated in public buildings--including quilts used as decoration.  The Ashe County library pleased me greatly!

High on the wall of the tower section is a large barn square quilt.  I suspect it was made by the Quilt Square Girls in West Jefferson, who also made the smaller one that we purchased for our cabin.

Hanging over the reception desk is a child's quilt by a member of the Ashe Piecemakers Quilt Guild.


And in the children's section are paper quilts that I suspect were made in local school classes, or perhaps were made in a children's craft activity at the library.

Bow Tie paper quilt

Dresden Plate and Flying Geese paper quilt blocks

Speaking of the children's section, there is a fabulous climb-aboard locomotive, a  city-scape, and  a beautiful mural of a mountain scene.

There are some very attractive sitting and work areas with inviting wall art.

I came home with a basket of library books and also DVDs to borrow.  The Hubs even came in and selected a few DVDs.

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Anonymous said...

Love the angel and the blue and green background duckies the best - you are so talented!
So glad Charlie felt more energetic after the transfusion. Wishing you all the best in your new home.
We are doing well in New Mexico and will always remember your many kindnesses while we were together in Sarasota.
Yours in friendship,
Mary and Dennis