Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Ashe County Quilt Show, Part 2

Here are more quilts from Barn Quilts and Beyond-the Ashe County Quilt Fair, 2017, held last weekend in West Jefferson,NC.

The first three pictured are the viewers' choice winners, in no particular order.

This quilt by Josephine Segal is titled Jacobean, and the design is from Pat Campbell's book Romantica.

I was very intrigued by this collaged quilt with lots of text, birds, and interesting fabrics. It is titled The Dress, by Bobbi Garden, from a pattern by Laura Heine.  It reflects the scripture in Matthew 6:26.

This is a detail of The Dress quilt.

The third Viewer's choice was a seasonal floral appliqué by Claudette Jacobs called Seasonal Silhouettes.

Here is a detail of one of the blocks.

Here are some more quilts that caught my eye.  I liked this bright star medallion quilt, which was pieced by Carl Stevens and quilted by Helga Ricci.  The pattern is by Judy Niemeyer.

Summer Solstice, Carl Stevens

I like bright quilts, especially for children, and have several WIP's using the "crumb quilt" technique.

Crumb Quilt, by Susan Bradshaw, quilted by Laurel Springs Quilting

 This is a very nicely done Double Wedding Ring quilt by Claudette Jacobs, quilted by Laurel Springs Quilting.
Friendship, by Claudette Jacobs

Here is a detail of the quilting.  Love the feathers!

The next quilt would look great in my log cabin!  I could not read the title on my photo of the label, but it is by Tammy Hutchinson.

I very much liked this floral appliqué called Flower Box Medley by Janet Ward.  The flowers look lovely against the soft blue background.

Flower Box Medley, by Janet Ward

And here is one more, which I selected because of the skillful feather quilting in the golden border.  Unfortunately, I can not find a photo of the label to identify the maker/quilter.


It was a very nice quilt show, although for a summer show an air-conditioned venue would have been preferable!  It was in the gym of an elementary school.  I believe the previous shows by this guild have been in September.  I think that finding a place to stage the show presented some problems this year, and the school was only available in the summer.  I brought home an application to become a member of this guild.  I need some friends up here in my new mountain home...and quilters are the nicest people!

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Caryquilter said...

Great to see the photos from the quilt show. Maybe the Ashe County quilters will be a co compatible group of friends.