Thursday, July 6, 2017

Marc Chagall Exhibition in the Botanical Gardens

We had a great pre-Fourth of July weekend at with my brother's family in Ft. Myers, including dinner on the water at Dixie Fish Camp and a pontoon boat fishing trip up the Caloosahatchee River to Sword Point.  We had to come back to Sarasota Monday morning for Charlie's afternoon radiation treatment, but had the day off on Tuesday for the holiday.  We decided to check out the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, only about a mile from where we are staying.  They are having a Marc Chagall exhibition through July 31 called Flowers, and the French Riviera:  The Color of Dreams.


Three of Chagall's floral oil paintings are on display in the museum, featuring the masterwork painting The Lovers.  There are also ceramic vases owned by Chagall and featured in his art, archival photos, and outdoor garden scenes reminiscent of the French Riviera where Chagall spent the later part of his life.  Several large digital reproductions of his cathedral window are resplendent in the conservatory.

The gardens extend right up to the edge of Sarasota Bay, offering great views of the Sarasota skyline.  Throughout the garden walks are signs with Chagall quotes regarding art and flowers.

The regular signage at the gardens all have lovely watercolor illustrations.

I took over one hundred photos in this beautiful setting.  Inspiration for my own art?

This one of the koi pond in the Conservatory almost looks like an abstract painting.

 It was a nice way to spend time on our nation's birthday.

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