Thursday, September 21, 2017

Bible Art Journaling

 I bought a new Bible for art journaling that has a full blank page for every page of text.  That will allow a generous space for artwork without covering up the Scripture.  Here is the first page that I completed.  I borrowed a scene from Vincent Van Gogh that looks a lot like our mountain countryside here in North Carolina.  The scripture is Psalm 103.

In my other Bible I added this illustration of a bald eagle for Job 28: 20-21.

And here is a very simple one in only one color of Intense pencils. (Genesis 18:1-8)

Charlie and I joined the Jefferson United Methodist Church last Sunday.  The minister was not familiar with Bible Art journaling, and loved my illustrated Bible.  He even showed it to the congregation when he was introducing us.  I may end up leading a group who wants to try it out.

Yesterday we went to Charlotte to see an orthopedic foot surgeon.  I am going to be scheduled for total ankle replacement on my left foot.  When that one heals, I will also need it on my right foot.  So, I am going to try hard to get my house organized and clean before I am on crutches for awhile.  They said it might be 6-8 weeks from now before I can have the first surgery.  I do well when I have a deadline, so maybe the basement studio will be in good shape by then.

A couple of years ago, Charlie bought me a porcelain palette for my watercolor paints.  It is designed by one of my favorite art instructors, Tom Lynch.  I finally filled it with luscious paints, and it is ready to use.  I like the holes in the corners for standing paint brushes.  There is a plastic dust cover with insulating tape around the top.

Hopefully, it will not be a virgin much longer!

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