Sunday, December 8, 2013

Whacky Ladies Christmas Brunch

Friday was a treat for me, since I got to visit with my quilting buddies from The Whacky Ladies bee in the Wake Forest area.  We had breakfast at Brig's Restaurant.  It is fun to see the staff and other patrons enjoying our show-and-tell!

We always have a gift exchange, with the chance to "steal" someone else's gift.  Carolyn ended up with the most coveted gift...a quilted pillow with a Christmas tree made of yo-yo's and buttons!

Irene was very happy with her Santa who could hang around by his arms.


We also exchange small gifts for each member.  I did not make mine this year, but brought a basket of memo pads in beautiful paper covers.

But I collected some lovely gifts of fabrics, ornaments, and yummies.

I showed the ladies the new red and white blocks that I have made to go with the sampler blocks that they made for me.  I don't think I have posted the latest one..."Moon Over the Mountain."

Speaking of mountains, we did not go back this weekend as planned, since my hubby came down with what we think is Norovirus.  Try not to get it!  Plus, they are supposed to have an ice storm today. But we have gotten a few pictures of the cabin with its cathedral ceiling in place.

   With the bad weather and the approaching holidays, I'm sure there will be a lot more delays in building the decks, walkways, etc.  that's okay, we will enjoy it when it is ready!     

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