Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Giving Thanks

It was a wonderful Thanksgiving this year.  We enjoyed hosting our son and daughter-in-law and some of her family.

Of course, we all adored our sweet grand baby, Charlotte.

Dave and Em stayed until Saturday.  On Sunday, we put up the Christmas tree that Charlie brought back from the mountains after his week of deer camp.  I will add some pictures when we get back home.  

Because we drove back to the mountains this morning to be here when our modular log cabin was delivered!

The two halves of the cabin arrived today, and tomorrow the roof and two cranes will arrive to put it in place on the foundation.

There were some hairy moments.  First they had to get across the bridge over the creek.  Yikes!

They did not have room to make the 90 degree left turn to our place, so they went up the steep driveway to my sister's old trailer.  My brother-in-law's uncle Gary was recruited to do the hauling with his bulldozer.

After that, it was up to my sister's new home and down her driveway to the earthen dam across the pond.

Yes, that's half of my future home trying to make another sharp right turn without falling into the pond!

And then came the scariest moments, when the right side wheels of the truck bed were not on the driveway, but in the soft dirt on the hill.  I should see the whole thing toppling over!

The pond was partly frozen, but would not have supported a house tumbling onto its surface.  Things were stalled for at least an hour while they shored up the hill with planks from Gary's old barn across the street.  

Then, our contractor got behind the truck bed with his Bobcat and pushed while Gary pulled.  Success!

Then they did it all again with the other half of the house.  Relief!

We are thankful to get this difficult part of our new home progress completed.

Home Sweet Home!

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