Sunday, May 5, 2013

Painting Baby Clothes

As I was going through a cedar chest at home recently, I came across a bag of baby clothes that I had originally purchased for my older grandchildren.  (I snatched the items back when their parents divorced, hoping that my younger son and his wife could use them someday!) 

Now that Dave and Emily have a baby girl, I was glad to be able to give them the bag of clothes.  One of the items was an N.C. State "onesie"  that had some yellow stains on the front.

Out came the Setacolor paints...and you could never tell there were any stains on this garment!

I added in some purple and yellow along with the scarlet.  I think it has a "watercolor" look.  I wet the outfit with water before applying the paint. 
The purple and yellow are the East Carolina colors, since both of Charlotte's parents went to school there. 
We have had a whirlwind of travel and activities recently.  We spent five days at our mountain cabin so that we could go to Merlefest, a music festival in nearby Wilkesboro, NC.  What a blast!
Thousands of people attend.  There are fourteen different venues that you can choose to attend.  All the performances were top-notch. 
Unfortunately, it started to rain on Saturday afternoon.  We missed The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Saturday night because they did not start until after 10:00, which was too long to be out in the rain.  But on Sunday, we showed up in time to see The Avett Brothers perform in front of their poncho-covered, rain-soaked fans.
Last Wednesday night, we went to see Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, at the Durham Performing Arts Center.  What a riot!  The costumes alone are worth the price of the ticket.  If you like big production numbers, this is a great musical.
On Thursday, the Whacky Ladies had our monthly bee meeting.  I'll share some photos from our Show-and-Tell in a future post.

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Unknown said...

That little angel in blue dress looks adorable. I have bought some polka dots 1 piece outfits for my little princess and believe me she looks beautiful in it with a kitten band on her head. I am going to buy some more kids apparels for her from a store near by my home.