Saturday, May 18, 2013

New Watercolor of One of my Favorite Spots

I just finished up a new watercolor painting of one of our scenic spots on our rides over the mountain in Laurel Springs, North Carolina.

View From the Top, Jeanne Turner McBrayer, 2013
I did this mostly in one afternoon, with finishing touches today.   Sure makes me want to go back up there and gaze at that scene again!  (And smell the Christmas trees!)
We stayed home this weekend.  Yesterday we had a showing on our house, so I spent the afternoon cleaning.  Today we worked in the yard until a gentle thunderstorm passed through.  Tomorrow we will visit family, including one of my cousins who is living in California and we rarely get to see.  It is nice not to be traveling on a weekend for a change.


Jo C. said...

Beautiful watercolor..i smell the trees too!

Karen L. said...

I just love watercolors and wish I could paint with them but alas, I cannot. But I did have a jolt of memory when I saw this posting. Many years ago I lived in NJ. My husband and I drove south to camp. We left Laurel Springs, NJ and stopped overnight in Laurel Springs, NC. We thought that was so funny at the time. Thanks for bring that memory back to me. I have recently moved so have missed reading your blog due to the craziness of all of that. Happy to be back!

Cathie said...

Beautiful painting - look at that sky!!! A very successful and lovely wash for the clouds. You are getting quite good at this.