Monday, March 11, 2013

Rivers and Water Quilt Exhibits

I have so much quilty news to share this time!  It will probably take me four or five posts to show you all the quilts I have seen in the past week.  I have been to two quilt bee meetings and three quilt shows!

Last Monday was the monthly meeting of my Anything Art Quilt Bee.  First we had Show-and-Tell at Roberta's house in Cary.

Some of us had agreed to swap "inchies."  These are the ultimate in small inch by one inch!  Only two people got theirs done in time for this meeting.  They are so pretty sitting on the table.

This one is by Marion.  It has painting, stamping, beading, and quilting.
Roberta not only finished hers, but made two beautiful bowls to display them.  She trapped fibers between Solvy water-soluble interfacing, stitched intensively to hold the fibers together, and partially dissolved the Solvy.

Roberta also showed us some neckware she made from men's silk ties.  Some are gathered over a metal choker that you can purchase from a craft store like Michael's.  Some are gathered over a cord.  In the next picture you can also see Roberta's other bowl, and some flower brooches made from wool.
After lunch, we gathered at the Page-Walker House in Cary to see the Water art exhibit by PAQA-South (Professional Art Quilt Alliance.)  Our Toni Brown helped organize and hang the show. 
There were very diverse interpretations of the theme "Water."  Today I will share some of my favorites from this exhibit.

May the Force Be With You, by Linda Schmidt

Kelp Dance, by Gerrie Congdon

Downstream,  by Annette Rogers

Sun, Sand, Sea, Sky, by Marie Spadaro
Sun, Sand, Sea, Sky detail
Desert Rain

Keeping Perspective, by Judy Warner
Deep End of Emotion, by Jen Siegrist
Coral Reef, by Jenny Williams


I will have more pictures from the Water exhibit next time, and maybe some from the simultaneous art quilt exhibit called Rivers.
Meanwhile, we went to the mountains last weekend for a restful weekend. I have a few photos that relate to the theme of Water!  The weather was perfect.  Much warmer, no snow or ice precipitation.  There was still a little ice on the pond when we arrived, but it was so warm on Saturday that it melted away. 
The creek has changed a lot over the winter with all the storms.  Dirt has washed in and piled up, diverting the course of the stream and widening the creek in places.
Of course, our dog Kasey always jumps in the cold mountain creek after our trip across the mountain in the Gator.  She looks so pretty with the sun shining on the water and reflecting on her golden coat.
Speaking of Kasey, I just got her portrait back from the frame shop.  I really like the way this one turned out.  The frame picks up the coppery and gold tones of her fur.


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