Friday, March 22, 2013

Charlotte Quilters' Guild Show

'A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to visit the Charlotte Quilters' Guild show, named "Through the Garden Gate."  It was held in the Metrolina Expo, a large facility, March 8 and 9.  I would say that the space was fairly equally divided between quilt show and vendor mall.

There were beautiful hand-made floral ribbons for the winners.

Each quilt was identified with an information card, attached to the quilt with a floral clothes pin (made from yo-yo's and buttons.)
I liked the reminder to wear the plastic gloves if you want to touch the quilt.

Here are some more of the beautiful ribbons.
They were attached to this quilt, awarded Best of Show.

Flowers for Jacob, Made and Quilted by Melanie Paul

Melanie stated that she began making this quilt when her Great Pyrenees contracted a tumor in his shoulder and could not go up and down stairs.  She needed a project to work on downstairs.  This quilt is in his memory.
I did not have very long to linger at the quilts since we were only making a quick stop  in Charlotte.  I buzzed through the displays looking for the art quilts and also those that were original or different.
How about this one?

Guardian of Generations, Made and Quilted by Selena Sullivan

The quilter explained that she believes that people from previous generations watch over us as guardian angels.  This angel watches over an African woman, a Masai warrior, and a woman from the post-slavery era.


Here is a display of some of the smaller quilts.  I loved the piece with the tree and roots.  It is Tree of Life, by Alice Earl.

The one on the left is Take Time to Smell the Roses, by Vickie Amon.

There was a a big display of smaller quilts and miscellaneous pieces.  That jacket was the only garment in the show.
The next quilt is a group project by WOW bee members.  I have shown this to my art quilt bee as a possible challenge in the future.  Each member designed a centered floral block with a common color scheme.  Blocks were then quartered and redistributed resulting in six unique blocks.  Each block owner put her final quilting and embellishments on her block.
WOW x 6, Made by Pat Hopkins, Quilted by WOW members

More next time!

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