Monday, March 25, 2013

Another Baby Quilt Top

In my last post I showed the collection of baby fabrics that I purchased at the Charlotte Quilters' Guild show from Quilters' Loft.

I decided to try a pattern with simple directions, called Grandmother's Secret.

You start out with squares, cut them in half on the diagonal, and again three inches on each side of that slice.  You sew the two long pieces together, and then add the triangles.
I made 20 squares from 20 different fabrics.  When I had the two long pieces sewn together, I pinned a whole stack of these to take to the machine.

You trim the finished blocks to the same size square.   Then you have fun arranging them in a pleasing manner on the design wall.

This quilt will be for my newest great-nephew, Lucas. 
I haven't met him yet, but I know we will be seeing a lot of him.  He is my sister's grandson. A little known fact is that his mother, Melinda, was named for me.  My middle name is Melinda!

Tomorrow I am heading out to visit my Gammill quilting machine in Clayton.  Since we are trying to sell our house, I took it down and asked for a volunteer to "foster" it for me until our house is sold.  I will be trying to get two baby quilts done tomorrow, one for Lucas and one for my granddaughter, Charlie.  Here is her top.

It will be nice to get back on my machine and have fun with these colorful quilts!

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