Thursday, February 7, 2013

More Painted Pages

Yesterday I started working some more on the Junk Mail journal.  Here is one signature, not sewn yet but with added tabs, some fibers added, etc.


I can't wait to have enough pages to put the journal together.
Here are a few watercolor backgrounds for a different journal.  I use cheap watercolor paper from tablets for these.

After watching Beryl Taylor's DVD with my art quilt bee Monday, I decided to start some fabric paper.  Just take muslin, and dilute some white glue with water.  Glue down some white tissue onto the muslin, and coat it with the glue mixture.  I had a piece of muslin with some painting on it, so I used that.

When it is dry you can add more layers of collage, paint, or whatever you want.

I also covered some card stock with painted dryer sheets or "wet wipes", using gel medium.


These will all end up in something, some day!

Yesterday I got my grandmother fix by babysitting for baby Charlotte.  Love, love, love!

At four weeks, she is really focusing on her toys, faces, and paintings in the room.  And smiling!

Tonight I am hostess again, this time for my local quilt bee, The Whacky Ladies.  Since I'm not sure how long I will have a house, thought I better sign up for both bees this month.  I made a strawberry cake and some brownies this morning.
I'm afraid it is going to be a downpour when everyone is traveling.  We are supposed to get an inch of rain tonight.  Hope everyone arrives safely!

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