Sunday, February 24, 2013

Adding a Flange to a Quilt Top

I added the striped inner border to the mermaid baby quilt today.  I decided that the stripes were getting a little lost next to the bright squares, so I added a little bold color in the form of a "flange" before sewing on the stripes. 

All you do is cut a 1" strip of fabric the length and width of the quilt, fold the strip in half, and lay it along the seam line of the border with the raw edge even with the outside seam.  I decided to stitch mine down near the edge so they would not slip around.
You don't have to miter the corners, just lay the side strips down, then the top and bottom strips.  You are creating a "flap" of color separating the borders.
Then you pin the next border right on over the flange, and sew all layers together.
And there you have it!  There is a nice separation between the blocks and the inner border.  I have not sewn the outer border yet, but this is what it will look like.
Now on to the Oscars.  Love to watch the outfits.  Most beautiful so far..Jennifer Lawrence!  Stunning!
But I also thought Octavia Spencer looked very confident and lovely as she presented.
Hope your favorites are winners tonight!

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