Thursday, February 21, 2013

Baby Quilt on the Design Wall

It's been a busy week!  Valentine's Day, babysitting for little Charlotte, a trip to the mountains, and, yes, a little sewing!

On my design wall is a quilt top for my baby granddaughter.  (Yes, I am ashamed to admit, she was born without a handmade quilt ready for her when she came home.)

My daughter-in-law, her mother and I made an excursion to a fabric store back in August and selected an assortment of novelty and coordinating fabrics for the mermaid-themed nursery.
My original idea was to make an underwater scene.  These fabrics were not working too well for me, even with the addition of fabrics from my stash.  After I made a few applique pieces, they stayed pinned on the design wall for months with nothing else happening.
I decided to go ahead and make a more traditional quilt.  I made square-in-a-square blocks using the fabrics provided plus some from my stash.  The quilt will be colorful, will match the nursery,

and will soon be ready for our sweet little mermaid.

Besides, she already has a pretty awesome original painting of a mermaid family, courtesy of Emily's talented sister Ellen.  Anyone recognize the mer-dog, Roo?

Here is a little project I finished in a couple hours.  It is a fabric journal cover for a sketchbook.  I used a gorgeous commercial fabric that looks like it has foiling and mixed media.  It did not need anything else!
I made it exactly like I used to make textbook covers out of brown paper grocery bags back in the day.  The only difference is that you clean-finish the inside edges, and sew a seam across the tops and bottoms of the inside pockets to keep them from coming undone.
I added a ribbon closure, and it's done!
The mountains were cold and a little snowy.  We took a ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway on Sunday.  These icicles were covering the rocks on the side of the road.
Although our snow barely covered the ground, the distant mountain tops were covered in snow.


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Vicki W said...

The icicles are so pretty and the quilt is going to be perfectfor the little mermaid.