Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Griswold Family Christmas?

Greetings to you on this gray and gloomy day after Christmas here in the Carolinas.  We had a lovely day with son Dave and nine-months pregnant Emily here.  That night, Emily's mother and her fiance, and Emily's sister Kate came over for dinner.  We love our blended family!

My most surprising and wonderful gift was a tree skirt that Emily made, with her mother's help.  It has patchwork trees on a blue background and a field of snow.  The colors she chose reminds me of the Christmas tree farms near our mountain cabin.  The alternate wedges are red velveteen.

But wait!  Why am I showing it draped over a table on my front porch instead of lying in beauty at the base of our Christmas tree?
Because, while Kasey and I were sitting around in the living room, drinking coffee, playing mindless games on the computer, and avoiding any sort of housework, our Christmas tree TOOK A DIVE!
With a loud crash and a crunching of glass ornaments, our eight-foot tree took a tumble. 
I managed to heave it back upright and lean it against the corner of the room.  I started mopping up the water and vacuuming the broken ornaments and needles.
And then, WHAM!  It went over again.
This time it took out two pieces of the wooden window grills that I just replaced a couple months ago.
And there it sits until Dear Husband gets back home to help me deal with it.  I am thinking we will just take it down, since most of the ornaments are off anyway.
On the plus side, the lights did not short out and catch fire, or any other Griswold Family Christmas disasters.  I thought about crying as I crunched along on the broken glass, but then realized that I had been through some much sadder experiences in the past couple weeks.  This was not such a big deal.
Kind of funny in a Griswold sort of way!
Anyway, I love my tree skirt, love my daughter-in-law for making a patchwork sewing project, and will cherish my gift for many future Christmases to come.
If the tree stays up.

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