Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Quilting at Hillside Home

Today I had a very fun morning with my friend Jean Houghtby as we presented a talk about quilting at the Hillside Nursing Center right here in Wake Forest, NC.  Jean volunteered to do the presentation on behalf of Capital Quilters Guild of Raleigh, and I tagged along as "Quilt Whisperer,"  helping to hold up the quilts and fold them again.  We had a large group of women filling the dining hall.  Several of them had quilts on their laps!

Most of the quilts belonged to Jean, and were made either by her, or members of her family.  She has inherited a lot of beautiful handmade family quilts.  One of her most popular ones that she shared was the necktie quilt she made for her husband.  The silk ties and satin background give this quilt a very unique look.  It was quilted by Nancy Pease.
It has been cold, rainy, and gloomy here for the past two days, evoking the spirit of January rather than early October.  I think that seeing the colorful quilts brought a bright morning of cheer to the ladies who came to see us do the presentation.  Many of them remembered using feed-sack fabrics to make not only quilts but children's clothing.  One lady was very taken by a beautiful grandmother's flower garden quilt made from hundreds of one-inch hexagons.  She wanted to know how it was made, how the binding was put on, and lots of other details.
Here is another resident who came up to talk after the presentation was over.  She had such a good time that she wants me to send her a copy of this picture with Jean.
I only took two of my own quilts, Something "Girly" and Carolina Woodland Spring.  They were very different from the more traditional quilts that Jean presented, so it gave the ladies a new look at an old American custom.
I will show them here for those that are new to my blog.
Something "Girly"

Carolina Woodland Spring 
We had a nice lunch of asparagus bisque and pear salad at nearby Girasole Restaurant.  Then I came home and started to put my sewing room back together.  Ever since the carpet cleaners were here, everything in the room was piled up on one side.  Even if I had time to quilt, I would not have been able to access my sewing machine.  Now it is almost all sorted out. I even made labels for my plastic drawers, and organized all my rotary cutters, scissors, needles and other notions.  Still have a little left to do up there, and some stuff to carry out.
I have to say that I like having my whole house clean and organized at the same time!

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