Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Get Those Longarm Machines Serviced!

Yesterday, I went back to Fayetteville to pick up my Gammill quilting machine from Loving Stitches quilt shop, a Gammill dealership.  It had been ready for over a week, but life intervened.  (Long story...but all is okay now.)  My mechanic/technician was Mr. Warren Wey, who did an outstanding job for me.

When I brought the machine in, I listed all the problems I was having with it.  The most annoying was that when I stopped stitching, it kept going!  The solution for that was an adjustment to the "min pot."

I was having trouble getting the needle in and out of the needle bar, so he reamed it out for me. 

My machine has a vertical/horizontal lock feature, which sometimes did not hold very well.  OOPS- the connector was broken for the vertical hold magnet.

My laser pointer was in pieces because its connector was broken.  All fixed now!

I knew I had some threads wrapped around the wheels, but I did not know about all this thread wrapped around the shaft!

I am surprised it even ran!
Besides the problems I knew about, it turns out the hook assembly had a deep gouge, the motor drive belt was loose, there was lint all over the place... in fact, I got a four-page report with photographs of all the problems and repairs that were made.
It's a good thing I took it in to an expert to be serviced.  These Gammills are workhorse machines, and I have apparently rode mine pretty hard over the last nine years!
We will take it out to Maureen's tomorrow night, where it will stay until I get a new place to live with room for a twelve-foot table.
But tonight... we are going to see the play War Horse, part of the Broadway South series at the Durham Performing Arts Center!  Can't wait!

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Jo C. said...

Have fun tonite...have you been to DPAC before? Its lovely!