Monday, October 8, 2012

Autumn Update

We went to Durham to see War Horse Wednesday night.  The puppet horses were incredible!  They certainly seemed life-like.  Each one had three actors who were either inside the armature, or beside it.  One very poignant moment in the show was when one of the horses died in battle, and its three actors quietly got up and left the stage.  It was a very intense performance.

Several cows from the "Cow Parade"  were in place on the American Tobacco campus.  Very appropriate, since the big bull from the Durham Bulls Athletic Park is visible as you walk across the courtyard to get to the theater.  Remember the bull that snorted whenever they got a home run in the movie Bull Durham?
Anyway, Burt's Bees has now made downtown Durham their corporate home, and they sponsored a painted cow which sports a beehive hat.
I only took a photo of one side of this cow.  I realized after we walked around why it was titled Night and Day.  The side with the sunburst is obviously Day, and the other side is in blues to represent nightfall.
My Gammill is now set up in Clayton at Maureen's house.  I went out there last Thursday night and we set up a muslin quilt sandwich for practice.  Both Maureen and her neighbor Adrienne were very adept at free-motion quilting with the longarm!

The next day we went up to our place in the North Carolina mountains.  Charlie and I had a beautiful ride across the mountain, catching the last of the sun's rays on the fall trees.

On Friday and Saturday, we helped move my sister, her husband, and my father into their new home in the mountains.  They had rented a U-Haul truck to take their furniture from their home near Greensboro to their new place "across the pond" from us.  We are so happy that they will get to live in the mountains full time now.  You can just see their driveway going up the hill in the next photo.

Tomorrow I am going to do something "quilty"...going to a local nursing home to help my friend Jean with her quilting presentation.  I think I will be holding up quilts for her.  I am taking a few of my art quilts along for the demo.  I will try to remember to take some pictures!

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