Friday, May 11, 2012

Mountain Beauty

We are in the North Carolina mountains, soaking up as much natural beauty as we can!  The native "flame" azalea is in full bloom, lighting up as the rays of the sun find it in the hidden mountain glades.

We actually arrived here Wednesday night, driving up through a thunderstorm.  No more rain is expected until Sunday.  The mornings have been chilly, and the afternoons warm and sunny.  We had a wonderful ride across the mountain on our Gator yesterday.

Of course, our little dog Kasey is full of joy as she runs freely on the mountain trails and through the Christmas tree farms. 

Charlie got her a North Carolina State bandanna.  I'm not so sure she likes wearing it, but isn't this a happy looking dog?

In addition to the flame azalea, the wild native orchids known as lady's slippers are in bloom. 

 I was elated to discover one growing on the mountain trail about five years ago.  I had not seen one since my childhood in New York and New Jersey.  Later I discovered several growing on "the point" of land where our driveway forms a switchback.  I about went crazy yesterday when we were coming up the driveway on the Gator, and I spotted this large "colony" of lady slippers!

Yesterday we met with Riverside Log Homes in Sparta, North Carolina.  They are the company that built our little garage apartment.  We are ready to add on and build an adjoining house.  I got so excited as we went over the plans.  Now all we have to do is sell our house in Wake Forest.  We have been working hard to get it ready to list on the market.  Any one want to buy a five-bedroom home with mature landscaping on a very private lot?

Later today, our son Dave, daughter-in-law Emily, and grand-dog Roo are coming up to join us.  We are greatly looking forward to spending the rest of the weekend with them.


Unknown said...

My mom loves those lady slippers. Can they be moved and replanted? I'm thinking not.

Cathie said...

Happy Mother's Day Jeanne. You are one lucky lady - kids, grandkids, loving husband and lady slippers. God has truly blessed you.

Anonymous said...

The lady slippers are beautiful, and Kasey looks adorable in her neckercheif.