Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day Mountain Trip

We took a very nice 5-day break from cleaning and packing up our house to go to the mountains with our son Bryson and his family.  My sister's family was up there, too, as well as her brother-in-law Ricky's family.  Lots of kids and dogs and fun.

When we left and for most of the trip up, there was a bad thunderstorm.  But when we started up the mountain, we were rewarded with beautiful sunset skies.

And that was it for rain for the rest of the weekend.  Beautiful sunny days!

Lots of time spent by the creek, in the creek, and riding through the creek!  That's my brother-in-law Kenny taking my Dad and some grandkids right through it on his Gator.

The big mud puddle at the flat part on top of the mountain was bigger than ever.  Our dog Kasey decided to stick her whole head under and get cool!

All the little boys got covered in mud when they played at the creek.  They found lots of salamanders and tadpoles.

We took lots of rides through the Christmas tree farms and caught a couple of nice sunsets from the top of the mountain.

I would love to try to paint those some day.

On the way home Monday, we saw a rainbow over I-85.  Very nice!

While we were up there, we had another meeting with our builders, and our plans for the mountain home are progressing.   We are getting excited to think of having such a nice place up there.

Today we are having a horribly gloomy day thanks to Tropical Depression  Beryl bringing us lots of rain.  I don't mind, since we were so lucky with the weather last weekend.  I just hope they will still be able to install my new kitchen windows as scheduled this afternoon.

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