Tuesday, April 10, 2012

From the Beach to the Mountains and Back

The day after my grandkids left last week, Charlie and I headed up to Laurel Springs, North Carolina to our little mountain cabin.  It was a beautiful weekend with lots of my sister's family there.  So, there was lots of baby hugging and cute little kids to play with.

This is my sweet little great-niece, Holly.  So precious!

I was surprised that some of my pansies in the window boxes had survived the winter.

I have planted tons of daffodils on the hill and along the driveway, and some of them were still blooming.

Charlie and I took a ride up the mountain on our Gator just as the last light of the afternoon was making the hillside golden.

Even our golden dog looked more golden as she calmly surveyed the mountain side.

We had a beautiful ride home on Sunday.  The redbuds and dogwoods were spectacular.

There were a few "happy little clouds" in the blue sky above.

Best of all, we brought my dad home with us for a few days.  He lives with my sister, but we are enjoying having him with us this week.  He even set up a temporary painting studio in my kitchen and is working on a mountain painting.

I hope to have some quilty news after my quilt bee meets at my house on Thursday night.  But we are having more company for the weekend and have another birthday event, so I'm not sure when I will post again.  I have two new customer projects coming in next week, so please visit ATQ again soon!  By the way, I just realized that my last post was number 1,000...quite a milestone!  I will have to have a give-away soon to celebrate!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your big post!

Katie said...

Wow. That's quite a milestone! Congrats! :-)