Friday, February 10, 2012

Catching Up

Wednesday evening I participated in another watercolor class with Steve Filarsky at Art Student Academy.  The subject was a vase of tulips.  This time there were only three students, so we had more space, a more relaxed atmosphere, and more time for Steve to work with individuals.  He gave me a few tips that I appreciated.  I am not totally happy with my painting so far, but I think I will spend a little more time on it and see what emerges.  One of the things he showed me was how to get the little highlight on each tulip.

I have also signed up for a six-week watercolor class with Mary Benejam-O'Connell through Wake Forest Parks and Recreation. I think I will benefit from concentration on the basics.  One of my art quilt bee members has also signed up.  It will be at Flaherty Park on Wednesday afternoons starting on February 29.  I hope more people sign up so the class is not cancelled!

On Tuesday I went to Physical Therapy for the last time.  My very sweet therapist, Pamela, said I had met all of the goals she set for me.  Unfortunately, I have not met my personal goal of being able to walk without pain from my old sprained ankle injury, but I am hopeful that it will continue to get better.

Yesterday my sister and Dad came to Raleigh, and Charlie and I ate lunch with them again at Simply Crepes.  Then, last night was a meeting of one of my quilting groups, the Cyberbee.  It was the smallest group ever:  exactly two of us!  Martha and I had a great visit and dinner.  I got to know her a lot better, so it was a good evening.

This should be a quiet weekend at home.  Charlie had some oral surgery yesterday, and can't eat solid foods for a few days.  Since it turned colder this morning, I guess it will be a good weekend for soup.

I took my dog, Kasey, to the dog park in Wake Forest the other day.  This was a first!  She is sometimes very territorial on the greenway and growls at other dogs, and sometimes people, who approach her.  I thought maybe she would learn to socialize a little better.  There were about nine large dogs within the fenced area, and Kasey did not really want to go in.  She sat and looked around while all the other dogs were romping and playing.

After awhile I took her for a walk around the perimeter.  At least we got a little exercise after a couple of laps.

Dogs that never get to run free without a leash probably appreciate the acres of space and the joy of being unleashed to catch balls and chase frisbees.  Kasey gets to be off leash often, both at home and in the mountains.  We have a big yard, and she does not run off.  And, although she looks like she is part golden retriever, she does not retrieve anything.  Throw a ball or stick and she just looks at you like, "Why?"  But she will chase a squirrel, rabbit or deer, with no victories so far!

Now, my granddog Roo is the perfect example of a dog park lover.  His yard is small, and he has lots of stored up energy.  And he has become an expert frisbee dog!

This morning it was really cold, and Kasey and I went to the Sanford Creek greenway where we often walk.  Unfortunately, the earth movers were hard at work clearing the woods behind the creek to build yet more roads and home sites for the Heritage community.  The air smelled like diesel and the noise of the equipment was deafening.  They have installed orange fencing almost down to the creek and cleared out acres of trees.

They always do a nice job on the Heritage projects, but we will probably walk the other greenways and parks while all this construction is taking place.

And when the walks are over, it's time for The Furminator!  This dog brush helps get rid of the undercoat of thick hair- as seen on TV.  And guess who loves to be Furminated!  Ah, bliss!

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